Create the Best Influencer Marketing Strategy

Steps to Create the Best Influencer Marketing Strategy

Social Media is changing the world, and we are all witnessing it. Brands are finding it difficult to get noticed on social media than ever. The way brands are connecting with customers has changed drastically. Marketing on social media has become more of an influence, hence brands locate influencer advertising the requirement of the hour.

A survey by Blogmint found out that 90% of marketers intend to launch a minimum of one campaign with influencers within the next 12 months. Influencer Marketing isn’t just to recognize and have a network of good influencers for your brand but also to have a proper influencer marketing strategy in place. If you have an e-commerce website then social media marketing is very beneficial for your business, and we also suggest that you should hire professional e-commerce marketing services that also help you to find the right influencers for your business.

Why does Influencer Marketing work? It’s because influencer marketing is more like a word-of-mouth tactic wherein Influencers are promoting the products within their specific niche that they engage with frequently. Customers trust their peers, friends, and people that they admire, that’s where influencers play a significant role.

A step-by-step guide to creating the finest Influencer Marketing Strategy

The top 3 goals of influencer advertising for brands include brand awareness, reaching the potential and new audience, and getting sales and conversions.

  1. Determine the Goals

As you have opted to opt for the Influencer Marketing Strategy, you have to establish your goals of what you would like to attain in the Influencer campaigns. Make SMART goals with measurable KPIs like

  • Brand Awareness
  • Growing in Followers
  • Increase in Engagement
  • Website Clicks
  • Product Sales
  1. Establish your advertising campaign viewer

Irrespective of working with any type of influencer’s your audience is the same. Each influencer has its way of presenting the brand rather than all your audience will fit in there. Nevertheless determining your buyer’s persona and aligning it with the ideal influencer is what’s vital.

Before searching for the influencer, a beforehand work is required to determine your brand’s buyer character that will help you determine the ideal influencers and content which would engage them.

  1. Set your budget and find your Influencers

Criteria for finding the ideal influencers for your brand.

  • Reach —How well the influencer can reach your audience or to how many people will the campaign be subjected to. This criterion determines the reach and visibility of your brand.
  • Relevance or Expertise Criteria —Is your brand relevant to your audience with a particular influencer. The influencer ought to have the expertise on your brand class for them to be more aligned with the content and the audience they are reaching out to.
  • Resonance —How well the influencer can induce measurable engagement such as an increase in followers, website clicks, product purchases. The impact and memorability that the influencer brings to the brand.

Start your hunt for the right influencers. Identify what kind of influencers you would need to your brand determined by the goals to want to achieve.

Micro or Macro Influencers?

Contemplate the type of influencer you need to reach out based on your goals and budget. A micro-influencer with followers around 5-10K is very likely to generate brand awareness and engagement.

A macro influencer with followers around 50-100K or longer is likely to create more results.

  1. Choose your Influencer

Now that you’ve determined the goals, budget, and type of influencers below are some questions which you need an answer for until you choose the influencer for your brand.

  • Is the influencer personality aligned with my brand?
  • Have they worked together with any competitions?
  • What is Influencer’s audience?
  • Is my target audience on the same channels which are primarily used by the Influencer?
  • Is your budget making sense to operate with this kind of Influencer?
  1. Content and campaign expectancy

As soon as you’ve determined the Influencer, it’s time for you to fuse them on your campaign. Work with your marketing team on the campaign messaging and content which will go across with the influencer.

Make sure that you are establishing your brand guidelines- your brand tagline, voice, and tone so the influencer can be in sync with your brand.

Clear the campaign expectations along with your influencer to get a crystal clear comprehension.

  • How can the influencer be paid or rewarded?
  • Duration of the campaign?
  • How will you be communicating with each other?
  • Other specific expectations that you want to add specifically.
  1. Track and Measure

Keep an eye on your campaign performance throughout the campaign and lastly track and assess the influencer marketing effort outcomes depending on achievement, brand awareness, clicks, conversions, follower count.

Wrapping up:

Influencer marketing strategy has become the hottest and most popular plan for brands to invest in. Where your reach for prospective buyers ends that’s where the Influencers step in.

Hopefully, you’ve got a reasonable idea about how to organize your Influencer strategy, so start with your Influencer marketing strategy today so they can help build new and lasting relationships with your target audience.

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